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Raccoon Dinner Party

Last night, I went to dinner with a new friend at this beautiful little neighborhood restaurant. It was magic as soon we opened the door. Welcomed by a barrel ceiling and Edison lightbulbs radiating golden light, I felt like we were walking into someone’s personal wine cellar. They had a little garden in the back with three picnic tables on astroturf and fairy lights above. A white linen table cloth was brought out to class up the table for us. It was absolutely charming…in a homey way.

At another table, there was a family who was obviously at ease in the setting. Regulars or locals. Possibly family members of the owner. Their three children were playing on the ground, rolled up like little pill bugs (or “roly polies” as I call them). Throughout the night, the kids continued to run around, joyfully playing as we ate. A game of dodgeball ensued. We also bared witness to class time taught to a room of “puppies”—the kids crawling on all fours and barking their answers.

Even the local wildlife wanted to get in on the fun. A raccoon kept popping his head through the corner the fence to check out the scene. It was a true NY moment where your life intertwines effortlessly with others, out of circumstance and cosy real estate quarters.


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