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Move It

It was Friday morning after a long workweek. I was exhausted and slightly cranky, but had one more workday to power through before I could break for the weekend. Per usual, the din of the city streets set the ambient noise to my workflow. My makeshift desk—a two-top bar table with stools—was situated near the windows with a view of the nearby traffic circle. I could see what was going on from a distance, but not the sidewalk directly below our apartment.

Occasionally, something or someone outside will pique my interest enough to get up from my perch and look down.

It’s not uncommon to hear song lyrics briefly via a passing car, but this music was slow moving. Made popular by DreamWorks’ Madagascar, the song “I Like to Move it, Move it” was blaring.

I got up and looked below. A line of children in fluorescent green camp shirts snaked down the sidewalk. The counselor in front held the speakers. Leading a flock of kids through the streets of New York (and to the park nonetheless) looked like mayhem. Clearly, the song doubled as motivation to keep the kids focused and in motion: “I like to move it, move it.” Subliminal messaging at it’s finest.

I laughed. I’d figure out a way to make it through my Friday okay, too.


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