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The Girl with the Blue Hair

On our way to picnic in the park, my friend Natalia and I passed a girl with the most beautiful blue curly hair. Her locks were dark and subtle—the color of a sailor’s suit. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair blue, so she caught my eye immediately. Initially, I was drawn to her hair, but I couldn’t help but linger at what she had next to her.

Very causally, the girl had pulled off her prosthetic leg and stuffed a handful of loose-leaf papers in the thigh. It’s not something I see every day.

We sat down nearby. Evening turned into night, and a dark navy light coated the picnic field. I noticed that the girl packed up her stuff and popped on her leg. Then, to my surprise, she popped OFF her midnight-colored hair. Wonders never cease here in the city.

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