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We're In This Together

New York reminds me of my humanity. Scenes like this break my heart, but they are not uncommon. It’s 28°F/-2°C outside today. Here, the homeless resort to the subway as a place of refuge from the biting cold. While they may have coats and hats, often, their clothes aren’t warm enough for the temperatures…and many times they lack gloves.

What’s unusual to me is this is a pair of people. I imagine the hardest part of being homeless is the loneliness. The way other people simply ignore your presence.

Whether a person is on the streets due a bad stroke of luck, an addiction, a mental health issue or sometimes by choice, they still deserve to be regarded as a fellow human.

Personally, I don’t believe in giving the homeless money directly (in case I am feeding a habit or sloth), but I can acknowledge his or her presence with a smile or a small gesture. In NYC, I carry hand warmers to give on the really hard Winter days. In the past, I’ve kept bottles of water, snack bars, IKEA blankets, and gloves in my car.

***I post this not to earn your praise, but bring it to your attention. Winter is hardest season for the homeless. I hope it inspires you to notice and perhaps to take action.***

Granted, please use your discretion in terms of safety. If someone makes you uneasy, don’t approach them because your heart is bleeding. Unfortunately, there are also those who are simply greedy, but they usually give themselves away. Remember to take care of yourself. xo

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